Role of Vitamin D in the Human Body

This vitamin is unique because our skin can make it when it’s exposed to sunlight. But there are also foods that provide it.

Sources of Vitamin D

Aside from sunlight, certain foods contain vitamin D. Fish like salmon and tuna are great sources. Also, you can find it in egg yolks and beef liver.

The Sun-Kissed Vitamin

Remember, the best natural way to get vitamin D is from sunlight. When your skin gets sunlight, it starts making this vitamin.

Avoid Sun Burn

don’t overdo it – too much sun can be harmful. So, while ice cream might not be a big vitamin D source, a bit of time outdoors can really help your body stock up on this vital nutrient.

Ice Cream Ingredients

It’s a blend of milk, cream, sweeteners, and sometimes flavors.

Fortified Ice Cream

Some ice cream brands have started to fortify their products. This means they add extra nutrients, like vitamin D, to their ice cream.

Factors Affecting Vitamin D Absorption

Dietry Fat, Gut Health , Sun light, Body Weight

Gut Health Matters

A healthy gut is like a friendly home for nutrients. Vitamin D is absorbed in the small intestine, so having a well-functioning gut is crucial.

Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is like a builder for our bones and teeth. It helps our body absorb calcium from our diet, which is essential for bone strength.