Nine Foods People Might not have Realised could be Ultra-Processed

The Hidden Culprits

Ultra-processed foods can be deceiving, as they often contain additives and sweeteners not found in home cooking.

Breakfast Cereal Dilemma

Even seemingly healthy breakfast cereals may pack a sugary punch, including granola and protein-enriched options.

Baked Beans Unveiled

Canned baked beans, a pantry staple, fall into the ultra-processed category due to their extensive additives.

The Soupy Secret

Canned or instant soups often feature unfamiliar ingredients, making them another member of the ultra-processed club.

Mysterious Pasta Sauces

Check the label on pasta sauces for ingredients like 'Modified Maize Starch' and 'Xantham Gum,' which can affect your gut health.

Yogurt Revelation

Flavored yogurts may substitute real fruit with syrups and sweeteners, while plain options are a healthier choice.

Bread Matters

Mass-produced white bread often hides emulsifiers and additives on its ingredient list.

Processed Meat Concerns

Reconstituted meats like ham and sausages have been linked to health issues like cancer and heart disease.

Convenience vs. Health

Even "healthier" microwave-ready meals like shepherd's pie can be loaded with additives.

The Crispy Truth

Don't be fooled by "healthy" crisps; they go through a similar processing journey and contain unfamiliar ingredients.