Lose Belly Fat with Diet; Is it Possible?

Belly fat is not as simple as it looks physically. It is called visceral fat that surrounds the visceral organs like the heart, liver kidneys, and lungs. Belly fat is not only a problem for obese individuals but also for physically slim-looking persons, Because despite of slim bodies they have equal chances of visceral fat. Visceral fat is the risk factor for diabetes and heart disease even cancer. This article will describe the reasons for the increase in belly fat as well as remedies that how to lose belly fat with diet. So, read carefully as it only focuses on diet.

How Dangerous Belly Fat is?

Belly fat or visceral fat is the most dangerous site of storage because it does not stay there. Fat travels through your blood streams and increases the risk of heart failure and hypertension by reducing the artery’s dia. Research also concluded that visceral fat is responsible for insulin resistance.

Lose Belly Fat with Diet

It is not impossible to lose belly fat. But it is a matter of determination and will. Here are a few tips to lose belly fat with diet.

lose belly fat with diet
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Add Fiber and Protein to Your Diet

Soluble Fiber is the form of carbohydrates but humans cannot digest it. When you will eat a fibrous diet, it fills your stomach but does not provide nutrients. Ultimately you will eat less and it will help to lose belly visceral fat. A good source of soluble fiber is oats, fruits, beans, cereals, legumes, etc. high protein level in a fibrous diet helps to maintain the protein balance of your muscles and protect you from weakness.

lose belly fat with diet
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Eat Healthy Fat

There are 2 types of fat that are Saturated and unsaturated. Saturated fats get freeze at room temperature and they are unhealthy for example animal fat (excluding fish). Unsaturated fats are those which do not freeze but remain liquid like vegetable oils. Consuming fat in the diet is not advisable. But eat at least healthy fat if cannot stop. Do not consume packaged food as it contains more trans fat which is not good for your health. Examples of high protein diets are eggs, white meat (fish and chicken), beans, and whey protein.  

lose belly fat with diet
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Avoid Refined Sugar and Beverages

When you eat refined sugar more than your requirement, the body converts the extra sugar into fat and deposit in adipose tissues or in fat cells. Beverages contain an excess of refined sugar. So if you want to reduce belly fat you have to quit sugar and beverages.

lose belly fat with diet
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Say No to Alcohol

Many researchers concluded that excessive consumption of alcohol causes many health-related issues including obesity.

lose belly fat with diet
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Use Apple Cider Vinegar

It is used in salad dressings, marinades, and sauces. It increases satiety (feeling of fullness in the stomach), lower blood sugar levels, and improves digestion. But it should be used in diluted form because consumption of pure vinegar can erode the mucosa of your dietary duct.

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There are some factors that are related to your metabolism like stress.

In stress, certain bodies secrete hormones like adrenaline which disturb your metabolism, and somehow it is also responsible for the accumulation of belly fat.  

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