Remedy for Hair Fall and Hair Growth

Hair fall of 50 to 100 hair/day is a normal pattern. This hair fall is a normal phenomenon in hair growth. In medical, hair loss is termed Alopecia. Hair fall is not a life-threatening sickness, but this becomes emotional stress and a very serious issue in an individual’s personality. For this reason, bald people are willing to spend millions to regain their hair and also in the search of home remedy for hair fall and hair growth, but it is not impossible. let’s see How?

Hair fall is technically the thinning of hair on the scalp. Owing to thinness, hairs get weak and ultimately start to fall and resulting in partial or complete baldness. Hair fall can be temporary in which they grow back after some herbal applications or drug treatments, or permanent in which hair follicles are completely blocked or died. In this situation, a hair transplant is the only solution.  

home remedies for hair fall

Types of Hair fall

There are certain types of hair fall depending on their cause of onset.

1. Androgenic alopecia

This is the most common type of hair fall. Androgen is a male hormone. In this type, both factors hormones and genetics are involved.

2. Alopecia areata

This is a type of autoimmune disease in which immune cells attack the hair follicle treating them as germs. It sometimes only creates a bald patch or sometimes can totally make a person bald. In this type, hairs can re-grow after treatment.

3. Telogen effluvium

Hair falls rapidly after a child’s birth, fever or sudden weight loss.

4. Traction alopecia

Hair loss due to tight bounding hair with some object like a ponytail.

home remedies for hair fall

Structure of Hair

The main constituent of hairs is keratin a protein that is 88%. The elasticity of the hair is due to hydrogen bonding in its chemical structure. This hydrogen bonding also provides strength to hairs. Hairstyle is due to the cystine bonds that hold the hair together.

Hair Loss Causes

There are multiple theories present on the causes of hair fall.


You will be amazed that some scientist says that testosterone is one of the causes of hair fall. After puberty in males, derivatives of testosterone are present in the hair roots or follicles which block the follicle when hair falls. After blockage hair could not find space to regrow. But to develop this condition, the heredity factor is also

Blood flow

Some scientists claimed low blood flow to the hair roots or follicles is responsible for hair fall. Due to low blood flow nutrients are not properly supplied to hairs and poor lymphatic flow is also the reason for hair loss.


Sebum is the oil secreted by the skin or scalp. When the skin produces excess sebum, it converts into wax which blocks the hair follicles, and hence hair cannot grow back.

Other than these theories  there can be many reasons like:

  • Emotional strains
  • Stress (temporary hair fall)
  • Nervous disorders
  • Aging
  • Infections
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Polluted environment
  • Injury
  • Radiation
home remedies for hair fall

Treatments with Drugs

There are only two drugs that are approved by FDA that are minoxidil and finasteride. There are many proven benefits of these drugs in bald individuals, but people are concerning their side effects. people are always in the search of alternatives to these drugs.

Remedy for Hair Fall and Hair Growth

1. Hair Fall remedy with Herbal

Green tea

Inhibits alpha reductase in male and stimulate hair growth.

Saw palmetto

It reduces hair loss, encourages regrow, and also protects from prostate cancer.

Ginkgo Biloba

It contains Vit A, B, C, bioflavin, sitosterol, and lactone. Its extract is prepared in coconut oil and massaged on bald skin. It increases blood flow to the brain and increases the nutrient supply to hair follicles.

Gooseberry or Amla

It contains Vit C, iron, and phosphorous. Its oil is prepared to boil with coconut oil. It provides these nutrients upon massage. Iron is responsible for the oxygenation of red blood cells. It is also necessary for normal hair growth and healthy hair.


It contains albumin protein, minerals like potassium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and many others. Onion is helpful in patchy baldness. It is rubbed on the bald scalp and helps to secret enough sebum from the skin. This sebum reduces dandruff production on the scalp. Dandruff is also one of the main causes of hair fall.

Rosemary or lavender oil

It contains 1-2% oil containing 8-10% alcohol. Its oil is applied on bald skin and gently massaged. It stimulates the hair follicles to grow new hair.

Walnut oil

It contains fatty acids especially linoleic and linolenic acids. It also contains trace minerals. The bald scalp is massaged with walnut oil. Iron increase the nutrients that supply to hair follicles through increased blood circulation and zinc stimulates more oil or sebum secretion and reduces dandruff.


It contains glycyrrhizin which promotes hair growth.

home remedies for hair fall

2. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the application of essential oil as supplements to treat hair fall. It includes the extracts from different flowers, leaves, bark, and roots of plants. Its components reach the body through inhalation and directly apply to the skin.

Its constituents bind with the receptors inside the body and stimulate the hair follicles. Although their perfect mode of action is still unknown to researchers these are much more effective remedies than drugs.

A few examples of aromatic products are mountain tobacco, cedarwood, tulsi, rosemary, thyme, onion, garlic, tea, pepper, ginkgo, etc.

home remedies for hair fall

How to Stop Hair Fall Out?

  • Protect your hair from a dirty and polluted environment
  • Wash your hair regularly to remove sebum and wax from the scalp
  • Use herbal products which make hair strong and thick
  • Eat herbal products containing nutrients that are beneficial for hair’s health
  • Don’t use every remedy without consulting with an expert
  • If baldness is due to heredity, you can do nothing. Still, you have the option of a hair transplant.


  • Hair fall may be temporary or permanent
  • It may be due to hereditary or some other reason
  • Have a great effect on the personality of the individual.
  • Can be treated with drugs or herbal products
  • Drugs have side effects also. So people try to use alternatives
  • Herbal products have great effects but their actual mode of action is not known.
  • Use any product after consultation with your doctor.

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