What is Monkey Poxs?

This is a disease of monkeys same as smallpox in humans. Symptoms of Monkeypox are the same as in smallpox but less severe as you can see in monkeypox pictures. Monkeypox is caused by orthopoxvirus that is transferred from monkeys to humans (in medical terms it is called Zoonosis). Monkeypox usually occurs in tropical areas of Africa and now it is transferred to other countries. Nowadays people are searching for what is monkey poxs because of fear of the recent COVID pandemic. 

Now here are 8 things to know about monkeypox.

What is Monkey Poxs
  1. First Monkey Pox outbreak in the world

 This disease is first time discovered in 1970 in a 9-month-old baby in Congo. Since then, it has been reported in 11 African countries. The largest outbreak was in Nigeria which reported 200 confirmed cases and the mortality ratio was 3%. But now there is time to worry because in May 2022 there are many cases of monkeypox which are reported in non-African countries. After all, they are not endemic for this disease.

  • How Monkey Pox virus is transmitted to humans?

It can transmit to humans from animals through direct contact with skin lesions and blood. Eating improperly cooked meat of animals that may act as reservoirs for the virus-like rodents and squirrels, can also transmit the virus.

It is a highly contagious disease, so from human to human it can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing, and skin lesions if infected patients. So avoiding contact with people and using a face mask and gloves can protect you from catching the disease.

  • What are the symptoms of the Monkey Pox virus?

The symptoms and signs are very much similar to smallpox symptoms. The duration from the contact to virus and symptoms appearance is 6-13 days. It is called its incubation period. Its symptoms include:

  • Fever (high temperature)
  • Severe headache
  • Lymph nodes swelling
  • Severe back pain
  • Lethargic condition (Weakness)
  • Skin rashes (more on the face, hands, and feet)
  • Pustules having clear liquid
  • Is it a Pandemic like Covid-19 Outbreak?

This disease mostly remains for about 2-4 weeks. The severity of clinical signs depends upon your health status. It may be more dangerous for the person who is already suffering from the disease which already has lowered his immunity level.  The death rate of monkeypox is 3 to 6% in recent cases around the world. So, no need to panic. It is as dangerous as Covid-19.

  • What does monkey pox look like?

You can confuse simple rashes, measles, and smallpox virus with monkeypox because the symptoms of both diseases are very much similar to each other. But one symptom that can differentiate monkeypox from smallpox is swelling of the lymph nodes.

Ultimate diagnosis obviously will be confirmed after relating laboratory testing of the specimen of pustules or rash and the history of the patients. The specimen is processed under PCR test and actions are taken accordingly.

  • Monkey Pox Treatment

The key treatment is to boost the immunity of the patient. Patients should be offered fresh juices to enhance immunity. Secondary bacterial infections should be treated accordingly with antibiotics.

  • Has the Monkey Pox vaccine been developed?

 Currently, doctors have tried the smallpox vaccine against the monkeypox virus and they found 85% immunity to protect from monkeypox. But smallpox vaccine now is not available on a mass scale because of the cessation of vaccine production after the complete eradication of the smallpox disease. A modified attenuated vaccine (Ankara strain) was approved for monkeypox in 2019.

  • Prevention is better than cure

The most effective way of preventing this disease is to educate people more and more to avoid the risk factors of catching the virus. Scientist is working on new strategies and vaccines to protect humanity from this virus. The vaccine for monkeypox is yet not prepared. Regulatory authorities are designing new rules and regulations to avoid and minimize the risk factors.

What is Monkey Poxs


  • Monkeypox exists and it is a zoonotic disease. It is not a myth.
  • It is highly contagious and spread through contact with infected blood, coughing, and sneezing
  • It is endemic to African countries but now spreading to other non-endemic countries
  • It is not as dangerous as was Covid-19
  • You can protect yourself by adopting precautionary measures
  • If someone gets into contact with a virus and is infected, it can be cured within 3-6 weeks
  • The best way to protect yourself is to boost your immunity

Let us know below in the comment section what measures are you taking to protect yourself and your loved ones from monkeypox. Read more interesting and knowledge-worthy articles on expert opinionz

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